What is the Goal?

The communication age has allowed attention to become the most expensive currency. Expensive, because it is constantly deducted in all directions. Today, whoever stands in front of a group of listeners is facing a crowd of potential distractions.

Mobile phone, Blackberry and the Internet, with its flood of information, wrestle for our attention around the clock. The personal discussion, the individual exchange of ideas or convictions often falls behind, especially when the personal performance precipitates little courage.

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Every person can optimize his/her own performance on the basis of stage know-how. Why? Because actors and stage people are masters of the grand entrance. They learned how to captivate their audience; that is their profession and equally their passion. Precisely this knowledge can also be applied beyond the stage. Have a look at the tricks of the limelight pros! Desirable and masterful performance is definitely learnable.

In Sibylle Wolf’s workshops, it’s not about practicing a uniform performance; on the contrary. The seminars, which are oriented toward managing personnel from industry and commerce, aim at expanding the entire behavioural repertoire and introduce the thus far untapped potentials. Thus, one succeeds in playing the sought-after role in the respective situation perfectly.

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Body language, voice and role plays are utilized in this process. By means of interactive exercises, you optimize your communication strengths and persuasive power. Likewise, the conception of a coherent script is included as well as practicing the position and the “space-seizing”, i.e. consciously space-filling performance.

Performance-Coaching takes a comprehensive approach because without the harmonious triad of body, speech and mind, even the most substantial message is lost in arbitrariness.

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