“Sibylle Wolf creates an atmosphere of relaxed focus. So that a performance can become – yet – even more unerring, she develops individual free spaces, which I did not dare use, and in part was not aware of, until now in normal, everyday management. Only an opera singer and actress, who possesses much experience, can do this.”

Dr. Peter O. Wüst
Managing director of the "Herstellerveinigung BAU + DIY e. V."

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“I loved the physicalness of her exercises, which really helped and had a freeing effect on me in overcoming my top-heaviness – in support of a larger, holistic self-perception. What I greatly appreciated was the comprehensible way in which she deepened our understanding of what it really means, when you are at home in your body and feel at ease. Her playful easiness was contagious. Sibylle gave us great feedback, and she posed several key questions, which force you to think about what you actually want to achieve with your presence.”

Sandra Hilton
Consultant of management consultation e.g. Sheppard Moscow, London

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“The way that Sibylle Wolf taught us the topic of performance greatly appealed to us on an emotional level – which can be attributed to her professionalism and warmth. Since no contradiction exists between the requirement defined by her on the one hand and her work on the other, one experiences her as absolutely authentic. With her refreshing presentation, she has provided for a lasting motivational push forward. No other consultant at our company has achieved this before.

Jürgen Wagner
Managing director of the "SWS Gesellschaft für Glasbaubeschläge"

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“What fascinates me the most is this unique combination of many years of successful stage activity and business-driven thought, which allows Sibylle Wolf to work so practically. She knows what matters. Sibylle sharpened my consciousness concerning the importance of the first appearance and trained my body tension with me for memorable exits. Particularly important for me was how she again and again looked for role clarity with me In order to be able to express myself in diverse situations. Thus, both increase: my presence and my goal-efficacy. Can you train charisma? You can -- with Sibylle Wolf.”

Gabriele Rehbock
VP Global Key Account Management FIRMENICH Geneva, Switzerland

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"The Theater-Managers", FAZ article from April 30, 2011 (PDF, 1.7 MB)

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